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ACA is Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. ACA created a marketplace for affordable care by providing federal subsidies to individuals and families. These subsidies reduce monthly premiums, often making an individual’s net monthly premium $0. But the subsidies can also reduce the policy deductibles and the costs of various services, for example, $0 primary care visits, specialists visits $5-10, $0 generic drugs. The amount of government subsidy is determined by several factors including the estimated annual household income, the number of people in the household, and the location of the household.


We are ACA Brokers. In order to be an ACA Broker, an agent, in addition to being licensed by the states the agent operates in (could be resident or non-resident) the agent must annually complete a course and pass the annual exam issued by the marketplace.

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As independent agents, we represent many insurance companies, large and small. The benefit to you is clear – far greater choice of plans and coverage.

We also work with companies to help them and their employees get individual plans under a number of different circumstances. A valued employee may be part-time and not qualify for coverage under the group plan because the employee works less hours than required by the plan. Sometimes the company”s group plan is affordable to the employee who qualifies for coverage, but the cost for the group coverage for the employees’ spouse or dependent are not affordable. This is the largest group of overlooked Americans for health insurance. We can help find affordable coverage under the ACA provisions.